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Istar-Korea sells iStar-Korea products, such as digital HD receivers and subscriptions (iStar-Korea Code).  All of our digital receivers use cutting-edge technology.  We sell the iStar-Korea Code in 12-month subscriptions for device activation.  In addition to selling iStar devices and iStar-Korea subscription codes, we also provide customer service support worldwide.

The company also provides engineering consulting services related to communication systems design and analysis, as well as digital, software, and mechanical design services.  We provide repair and service for all iStar receivers, such as iStar A9000 plus, iStar Zeed 4 Ott, and Istar 8.

iStar is a very well-known company in the world of digital technology.  iStar-Korea was founded in 2006 and is operating successfully today.  iStar deals with the most competitive markets in the world and our products are very well known in European, Asian, African, and Middle Eastern markets.  In fact, iStar is the largest Digital TV Reception equipment manufacturer in Europe, and, as iStar Tech and Satellite Systems, one of the 10 largest in the Middle East. As far as I know, Istar-Korea is the best Arabic tv box in the market. I prefer any Istar-Korea Arabic TV box over any IPTV box.

The device will connect you to many channels worldwide, including Arabic channels and TV programs.  Our Arabic TV box has more than 750 Arabic channels, along with many channels from Turkey, Iran, and other countries.

Our company gives all iStar receivers a one-year warranty. However, we only warranty products that were purchased from us directly on

Istar Korea codes are compatible with all iStar-Korea boxes and istar IPTV boxes, for example:  Zeed222, Zeed 333, Zeed4 OTT, A8000 Plus, A1600, A8500 Plus, A9000 Plus, Android Q1, S1, x5000 mega, 20000 combo, x70 mega, x50000 mega, x35000 mega, A7000, A7500 mega, x1200 mega, x1500 mega, x2200 mega, x60000 mega, x25000 mega, x4000 mega x60000, x50000, x35000, x9900, x25000, x7000, x3500, x1500, x1000, and x2100.


  1. Hi
    My name Dhafar
    I want update my istar receiver A1600
    Thank you

    • Hi Dhafar, sorry this device is not working anymore. don’t buy code. you can’t buy code for this model anymore. you have to get one of the new models. check out the Istar A9700 plus

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