Istar-Korea TV box and Istar-Korea 12 months subscription code

Istar-Korea sells iStar-Korea products, such as digital HD receivers and subscriptions (iStar-Korea Code).  All of our digital receivers use cutting-edge technology.  We sell the iStar-Korea Code in 12-month subscriptions for device activation.  In addition to selling iStar devices and iStar-Korea subscription codes, we also provide customer service support worldwide.

The company also provides engineering consulting services related to communication systems design and analysis, as well as digital, software, and mechanical design services.  We provide repair and service for all iStar receivers, such as iStar A9000 plus, iStar Zeed 4 Ott, and Istar 8.

iStar is a very well-known company in the world of digital technology.  iStar-Korea was founded in 2006 and is operating successfully today.  iStar deals with the most competitive markets in the world and our products are very well known in European, Asian, African, and Middle Eastern markets.  In fact, iStar is the largest Digital TV Reception equipment manufacturer in Europe, and, as iStar Tech and Satellite Systems, one of the 10 largest in the Middle East. As far as I know, Istar-Korea is the best Arabic tv box in the market. I prefer any Istar-Korea Arabic TV box over any IPTV box.

The device will connect you to many channels worldwide, including Arabic channels and TV programs.  Our Arabic TV box has more than 750 Arabic channels, along with many channels from Turkey, Iran, and other countries.

Our company gives all iStar receivers a one-year warranty. However, we only warranty products that were purchased from us directly on

Istar Korea codes are compatible with all iStar-Korea boxes and istar IPTV boxes, for example:  Zeed222, Zeed 333, Zeed4 OTT, A8000 Plus, A1600, A8500 Plus, A9000 Plus, Android Q1, S1, x5000 mega, 20000 combo, x70 mega, x50000 mega, x35000 mega, A7000, A7500 mega, x1200 mega, x1500 mega, x2200 mega, x60000 mega, x25000 mega, x4000 mega x60000, x50000, x35000, x9900, x25000, x7000, x3500, x1500, x1000, and x2100.

How to Set up and install Istar-Korea Android S10 with 12 months free istar code

             How to Install and set up Istar Android S10
  • Istar-Korea Android S10 comes with 1 Year Free istar code 
  • Choose the language you prefer
  • Choose Auto (1080P-60Hz) Resolution
  • Press next and choose Wi-Fi or Ethernet cable. Preferably Wi-Fi.
  • If you choose Wi-Fi; look for your Wi-Fi username and type your internet password.
  • Choose your time zone if you like and go to next page.
  • Click on “Go to home page”
  • You will get a notification for updating your device. Click “Yes”. If you don’t get this notification; you will go to “Setting > Network Setting> Online Update.”
  • Go to “Online TV” press download for new version and press “install” > press “Open”
  • To Obtain Mac address > Go to “Online TV > Press the Green button and take a picture of the screen where it says Mac Address”

  كيفية تثبيت وإعداد Istar Android S10

1- اختر اللغة التي تفضلها

2- اختر دقة تلقائية (1080P-60Hz)

3- اضغط على التالي واختر Wi-Fi أو كابل Ethernet. يفضل واي فاي.

4- إذا اخترت Wi-Fi ؛ ابحث عن اسم مستخدم Wi-Fiواكتب كلمة مرور الإنترنت الخاصة بك.

5- اختر منطقتك الزمنية إذا أردت وانتقل إلى الصفحة التالية.

6- انقر فوق “الذهاب إلى الصفحة الرئيسية”

7- سوف تتلقى إشعارًا بتحديث جهازك. انقر فوق “نعم”. إذا لم تتلق هذا الإشعار ؛ سوف تذهب إلى “الإعداد> إعداد الشبكة> التحديث عبر الإنترنت.”

8- انتقل إلى “Online TV” اضغط على “تنزيل” للإصدار الجديد واضغط على “تثبيت”> اضغط على “فتح”

9- للحصول على عنوان Mac> اذهب إلى “Online TV> اضغط على الزر الأخضر والتقط صورة للشاشة التي يظهر عليها عنوان Mac

How To Activate Your Istar-Korea TV Box

Istar Korea provides services for a TV subscription. We typically only sell codes for a yearly TV subscription, and Istar-Korea codes are available for use worldwide. Istar-Korea was founded in 2006 and has since expanded its services in several countries across the globe. Currently, some of the major countries that have been making use of Istar Korea are several European and Middle Eastern countries, as Istar stands proud as one of the most prominent digital TV reception systems in these areas. However, we are committed to providing good service in almost all parts of the world.

Istar-Korea has different types of IPTV boxes that all come with a variety of channels from around the world. Some of the devices are Istar-Korea Android S10, Istar A 9700 Plus, Istar Zeed 4OTT, Istar A 8500 plus, and all of the istar devices come with 12 months istar code.

Istar Korea categorized every channel according to the language of that particular country. For example, the Istar Arabic TV box has 750 Arabic channels that can all be viewed anywhere in the world. A similar organization is made for other languages. These channels range in the content that they provide and originate from different countries and are in different languages so that you have a wide range of options to choose from when watching television. Having an istar tv receiver, a small, handy device, can give you access to a large variety of entertainment content. Istar IPTV box has a total of 3400 channels worldwide.

Istar TV Box is relatively simple to install and connect with your TV, but if you have purchased yourself an Istar-Korea tv receiver, you are having trouble setting it up. You need help with the installation of the set, then keep reading, and we will take you through the steps of how to set the box up so that you can enjoy all your favorite programs right on your television.

Steps to Set Up Your Satellite Receiver:

  1. From the menu options, find the option For ‘Installation’ and click on it to access that.
  2. You will be required to enter the password, which is “0000” so enter that and you will be taken into further options.
  3. From the list of options, click on Factory Setting.
  4. Here you will also need to enter a password “0000”.
  5. Then press “9527”
  6. Scroll down the list of options that show up in the factory settings and find the option of Rest Active Code
  7. A prompt box will show up on which you need to click Yes.
  8. Then go to Reset Key underneath the rest active code option and click on that.
  9. Again, you will be promoted, and you need to click on Yes.
  10. Exit out of factory settings and installation settings
  11. Go to the Network option on the menu now.
  12. Click on Network Settings
  13. At this point, make sure your device connected to internet via wi-fi or ethernet cable.
  14. You will find D-Net Update; click on that and press the “Red Button” on your remote control to download or update the device.
  15. Once D-net update is finished; go back to main screen by pressing menu over and over until you go back to the main screen and press “2244”
  16. Then go to “Online TV” and press “OK”
  17. Coach on Upgrade Module and wait for the update to download
  18. Once it has been downloaded, go to the menu and select Settings
  19. Go to About STB where you will see that you have been able to connect successfully
  20. Take a picture of the “about STB” screen and text it to your seller for activation.

 Hopefully, this helps you set up your Istar receiver, and any questions you may have about the setting up process might have been answered. Now you can go ahead and enjoy all your favorite shows through the Istar box, and you’ll hopefully not face any more trouble with your device. 

How to install and set up Istar-Korea A9000 Plus

Every time you’re asked for a password press 0000 for all required passwords Go to installation and press 0000 Press Factory Setting and press 0000 and press 9527 Go to Reset Active Code and press Yes Go to Reset Key and press Yes and press Menu Go to Network Setting press D-Net Update and press the Red button on the remote control. Let it download. Wait for the download to finish and see the main page. Once you’re back on the main page press 2244. Go to setting on the left side and go to About STB and press it. You will see a black screen with writing. Take a picture of that screen with your phone and text it to this number and ask for activation. +1(717)-941-9228 Once you send me the picture go to Online TV and wait for me to text you back. تعليمات حول كيفية تثبيت الجهاز بعد إعداده: 1- في كل مرة تتم مطالبتك بكلمة المرور، اضغط على 0000 لجميع كلمات المرور المطلوبة 2- اذهب للتثبيت واضغط 0000 3- اضغط على Factory Setting واضغط 0000 واضغط 9527 4- اذهب إلى Reset Active Code واضغط Yes 5- اذهب إلى Reset Key واضغط على Yes واضغط على Menu 6- اذهب إلى Network Setting اضغط على D-Net Update واضغط على الزر الأحمر في جهاز التحكم عن بعد. دعها تنزل. 7- انتظر حتى انتهاء التنزيل وشاهد الصفحة الرئيسية. بمجرد عودتك إلى الصفحة الرئيسية، اضغط على 2244. 8- اذهب إلى الإعداد على الجانب الأيسر وانتقل إلى حول STB واضغط عليه. 9- سترى شاشة سوداء مع الكتابة. التقط صورة لتلك الشاشة بهاتفك وأرسلها إلى هذا الرقم واطلب التفعيل. +1 (717) -941-9228 10- بمجرد إرسال الصورة إلي، انتقل إلى Online TV وانتظر حتى أعيد إرسال رسالة نصية إليك.